Places I’ve Been

Places I've been while travelling across the world

In these hard times, everyone needs a place to get to: a place to rest youer eyes, live your life and fill the spirit again. Luckily enough, I've had the chance to visit some of the most wonderful places on earth, and I would love to share their marvels with everyone.

Piece 1 – Time and life.

Here, I met no one. I started from the bottom and, as I was ascending, i felt a sense of peace and calm in my soul. Someday I’ll get back there, to gaze at the stars, in the shadow of that tower.

Place 2 – Earth and Play

In this place people absolutely love to play! They gather in the stadium, where they can have a complete view of what’s happening on the board plaza! They also have a lot of old instructions books.

Place 3 – Air and Exploration

The Narwhal has been sailing the morning skies for quite a long time now. The old captain is a bit harsh at first, but he really has a heart of gold! With him, we explored the bright northern skies, as well as the blackest nights, near the stratosphere. It was a good ride, capt’n. Soon, I’ll be back to soar the skies with you!

Place 4 – Water and Sharing

When I got there, people were welcoming and kind: they could not believe I traveled for so long! The truth, about this place, is that it’s nearly impossible to find, since it’s constantly floating in the open sea. People there love to sit on the crane and throw bread to the fish, down there.

Place 5 – Fire and Sacred

I had to rise, after my defeats. So, I travelled in a small village in China, where they pointed me to this temple. The road was not an easy one, but oh, the wonders I’ve seen inside that old sacred place!

I hope you liked all these places! Sometime soon I’ll post more of them!