Random City Generator

On a lazy weekend I developed a small random city generator using Geometry Nodes in blender

I wanted to experiment with geometry nodes and i had never found the chance to do it, so in a lazy weekend i designed some super-simple modules and followed a ton of tutorials and references to develop a small city generator. The buildings distribution is loosely based on a voronoi grid. I then applied a watercolor shader (made by following a youtube tutorial) and applied a loose lineart.

1 – The buildings

I implemented a simple geometry nodes setup that took a bezier segment’s lenght to instantiate a module (base, center or roof) and randomly rotated it. I had control over the building’s height and characteristics.

2 – The actual city

I then instantiated a bunch of buildings on a grid, using as a deformer a voronoi texture. I had control on the city’s width/length.

3 – The whole thing watercolored

I then followed a tutorial to setup a simple watercolor shader and added a rough scene lineart.