The Fantasy Badges

Collection of five different badges: each one dedicated to a specific and super valuable quality!

So, I've always wanted to design some iron-on patches to put on every piece of garment I own. So, I just tried to give them a chance, and I tried to figure out what I love most. Here's the result!

The badges were designed thinking of what I really love. The first one is of course inspired by Life with Mostro. The second to Space. I really love space exploration: when I can, I try to put it everywhere, like here or here. The third one is about robots. I really love theme, they are kinda fascinating. Also, here, great love for robots in this portfolio, like in Gleam’s Helmet or in Battle for the City. The fourth one is about love for adventures. I mean, who doesn’t love adventure? The fifth one is more of a wish. I’ve made some small toys, but you can’t really have enough, can you?

Hope you like them!

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Here's the first #badge i've designed! I've decided to try to create a badge for all the things we are or deserve to be recognized for! Which one would you like to see? Write it in the comments! 🔽 ** Ecco la prima #toppa! Ho provato a disegnare dei piccoli distintivi per tutte le piccole cose che siamo e che ci meritiamo. Quali vorreste vedere? 🙂 Scrivetelo nei commenti! 🔽 __________ • • • • • #sketch #character #sewing #characterdesign #sew #draw #sketchbook #doodle #illustrator #instaart #nähen #illust #digitalart #일러스트 #painting #sewingproject #fabric #sketching #캐릭터 #pencil #creative #watercolor #artoftheday #instaartist #isew #graphic #graphicdesign

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