Waving Simulator

The only game that simulates the wondrous experience of greeting your relatives after a long lunch.

Everyone in their life had that horrible moment when, after a long dinner with your relatives, you just want them to get the hell out of your house. This game creates the opportunity to gently wave off your relatives and find your precious relax.

Global Game Jam is a crazy 48h hackaton that makes you develop strange games based on a common theme, working with people you don’t know. The basic ingredients are mainly junk food, little sleep and some caffeine. It seems terrible, but it actually is one of the most incredible and creative things ever.

2017’s theme was “Waves”. Many thought about the ocean waves. We thought about greeting someone. Hence, this crazy game.

We wanted to develop a game about all the times you have some guests home. There’s this moment in which you would want them to get the hell out to get some sleep. If you experienced this kind of feeling, this is the game for you!



Your little cousin.

Hello Granny!

Here’s Grandpa!

The other cousin.

You can’t help to wonder how he can see.

Background and some sketches